Are Parsis Parsimonious?
In the complex cultural tapestry of India, how can Parsis preserve their cultural identity?
The first reference to the Parsis in a European language is from 1322, when a French monk, Jordanus, briefly refers to their presence in Thana and Broach. Subsequently, the term appears in the journals of many European travelers, first French and Portuguese, later English, all of whom use a Europeanized version of an apparently local language term. For instance, Portuguese physician Garcia d'Orta, who in 1563 observed that "there are merchants [...] in the kingdom of Cambai [...] known as Esparcis. We Portuguese call them Jews, but they are not so..."
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Parsi Cuisine
Some great Parsi recipes  
Search the internet for Parsi culture and it quickly becomes apparent that Parsi cuisine is a centrepoint for tradition and identity.
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Parsi Internet Dating  
The shrinking Parsi population means that many are turning to the internet to provide some hope for happy marriages, plenty of kids and the future fo the Parsi people.
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Parsi ethnicity  
Just who is and who isn't a Parsi? And what does the science say about the genetic identity of a people who would prefer to have ethnicity in common with Iranians than Gujuratis...
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Are Parsis Dying Out?
Less than a hundred left in Dehi alone.
How many Parsis are left and why are they dying out?

Parsi tradition seems to be assuring their demise according to a recent report from ABC news on the shrinking Parsi population .
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Parsis on the Internet
Parsis are doing their best to preserve their culture through internet magazines and sites dedicated to the best of Parsi culture, cuisine, tradition and history..
Parsi news and articles
A photographic journey of the Parsis in India
More Parsi news and culture pieces
Parsis on wikipedia
What the online encyclopedia has to say about Parsis
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